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Wilson Announces The Burn FST, A Racket Designed Specifically For Baseliners



Wilson Announces The Burn FST, A Racket Designed Specifically For Baseliners

Earlier this year, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. introduced their BURN racket series. Coming out in early 2016 will be the BURN® FST (Fast Speed Technology) performance tennis racket, specifically designed for “Generation Fast,” or as we know them, the aggressive, big hitting baseliners.

Tennis has gotten blisteringly fast. Our athletes need equipment that not only meets, but exceeds, the new speed and power requirements of the modern game. By working hand-in-hand with thousands of tennis players and tomorrow’s big stars, our Wilson Labs innovation team set out to design equipment that supports an accelerated style of play. The results are a new racket that offers faster racket head speed, aggressive power and a personalized handle for optimal comfort, and an extremely lightweight shoe that can help players increase their speed and support their agility.
— Hans-Martin Reh, GM of Wilson Racquet Sports.

The BURN FST Features:

  • FST OCTAGON FRAME GEOMETRY allows air to flow around the frame and cuts through the air at any angle of attack for fast racket head speed.
  • PATENT-PENDING X2 ERGO HANDLEprovides for an optimal, personalized feel on two-handed backhands. Nearly 80 percent of modern tennis players play a two-handed backhand, and for competitive juniors that number climbs to nearly 90 percent, yet modern rackets haven’t evolved to accommodate this change. Wilson Labs developed a player-directed handle insert system that allows every player to customize an ergonomic handle shape to optimize their grip. The X2 Ergo Handle provides the ideal form for the top hand to dominate the modern two-handed backhand. This gives players more power, versatility, leverage, and feel.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBON FIBER offers increased frame stiffness for aggressive, explosive power.
  • RACKET THROAT features a textured feel on key touch points to allow for extreme grip changes.
  • SLEEK, STEALTHY GRAPHICS with racing stripes highlight the unique geometry of the frame.
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The BURN FST is designed for players who like to grip it and rip it, and will be available at tennis specialty retailers and on on February 15, 2016, for $249.00 (USD).

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