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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

Exercise performance can fluctuate throughout the day. These differences can be caused by issues like lack of sleep, a lack of or improper warm up, poor diet, and length of your match or workout. The circadian rhythm (a daily rhythmic activity cycle, based on 24-hour intervals) also affects athletic performance.

Generally, morning performance is lower, while those who prefer to work out in the afternoon experience maximum values for high-intensity exercise. This may be partly due to body temperature, which peaks in the late afternoon. Being warmer translates into enhanced metabolic reactions, increased nerve impulses and flexibility, and a reduction of muscle tension.

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But, even though it may seem like an afternoon workout would be best studies have shown that with short bursts of high intensity activity, you can actually warm up your core temperature yourself, making optimal performance possible at any time of day! It’s also been shown that with an established circadian rhythm, your body will be accustomed to perform best at your designated time.

There are many things which factor into the “best” time of day to work out, but really, it’s whenever it’s best for you! Just fuel up with carbs, get plenty of sleep, warm up properly, and try to stick to working out at the same time every day.

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