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WATCH: Wimbledon Applauds Healthcare Workers In Touching Tribute Video Narrated By Roger Federer

Wimbledon Cheers For You


WATCH: Wimbledon Applauds Healthcare Workers In Touching Tribute Video Narrated By Roger Federer

For the first time since World War II, there will be no Wimbledon tournament.

Like many other events and sports leagues around the world, the tournament was cancelled due another war… our war against the coronavirus. While tennis — and sports fans — are disappointed by these decisions, they know they’re the right ones and the ones that need to be made in order for us to return back to living a normal life.

On Thursday, Wimbledon released a moving tribute video narrated by Roger Federer, honoring the healthcare workers putting their lives on the line.

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“Tomorrow will be better than today” – Roger Federer

The heartwarming video begins with Federer reflecting on Wimbledon’s age-old connection with its fans and its traditions. And then he beautifully crowns the real 2020 world champions… the selfless health care workers who risk their lives every day, fighting against an invisible enemy that has claimed nearly 100,000 lives.

“Since 1877, Wimbledon fans have embraced the Championships. We have watched through multiple types of screens. At all hours of the day and night, descended from afar. Even queued… my how you have queued. This summer, sadly, we must come together by staying apart. No tents will be pitched, no records broken, no trophies engraved. But as we say thank you for your passion and support, we remind ourselves that countless champions will be crowned. As frontline workers across the globe compete for us, we cheer for them. For now, with play suspended, we are united in the hope that tomorrow will be better than today.”

We can’t thank healthcare workers and frontline workers enough for everything they continue to do for everyone on a daily basis. Wimbledon will be back, and so will our everyday lives, but first we need to work together and help them every way we can, and that starts by staying home.

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