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Vulcan Introduces New Max Tacky Overgrip

Vulcan Max Tacky Overgrip


Vulcan Introduces New Max Tacky Overgrip

For you players who like a tacky grip…I mean a super duper tacky grip…then have I got some news for you!

Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. is introducing its newest “Max Tacky” tennis racket overgrips. Company product engineers have innovated a new advanced polymer material and a unique manufacturing process that delivers an extremely high tack plus a soft-cushion feel. They have dubbed it “the tackiest overgrip in tennis!”

“The new Vulcan Max Tacky overgrips represent a true breakthrough in tennis grips. The level of market acceptance is quite remarkable. We seeded the market with thousands of samples and the feedback from playtesters is almost entirely positive which is amazing given players’ famous resistance to changing their overgrip. Teaching pros and high-level players are switching and saying the same things: the Max Tacky is tackier than the leading overgrips, plus you get extra cushion, excellent absorption qualities, and excellent durability. We are ecstatic.” — Brandon Nugent, Vulcan Sales Manager.

The Vulcan Max Tacky Tennis Overgrip is in stock now and available on its website: The retail price for this tacky awesomeness is just $7.99 for a 3-pack, and it comes in classic white or black. It’s also available for Pickleball paddles.

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Vulcan even has a great video tutorial so you’ll always have a perfect wrap!

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