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The Importance Of B-Vitamins For Tennis Players

B vitamins

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The Importance Of B-Vitamins For Tennis Players

Vitamins are essential for the body to function properly, and for us tennis players, the B-vitamins are especially important. They are “micronutrients” which help convert proteins and carbs into the energy we need on the court. They also aid in repairing damaged muscles and building muscle mass.

Excellent food sources for your B’s:

Vitamin B Chart

This being said, players who eat poorly, who regularly restrict calories or limit certain food groups like meat or dairy (vegetarians and vegans), or who are on any one of the popular low-carb diets are probably not meeting their B-vitamin needs, and are at a high risk of having a reduced performance on the court, and a longer recovery time from injuries. If this describes you, check out the above table and see if there is something you can/will add to your diet, and consider supplementing your diet with a multivitamin.

Wake Up Your Tired Telomeres!

An important thing to know about supplements is that they don’t give us energy, they only help convert into energy, the right foods we eat. They won’t magically fix your on-court performance if you aren’t eating the right foods to meet the energy demands of your game.

So, eat right and get your B’s, and you’ll have optimal energy, both on  and off the court! And be sure and check out our Recipe Box for delicious healthy meal ideas!

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