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The Healthy Perks Of Drinking Coffee

serena williams orders an espresso

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The Healthy Perks Of Drinking Coffee

What’s a good remedy for a first set bagel? Serena Williams orders a coffee at the end of the first set at the Hopman Cup 2015 – and it worked! Williams recovered to beat Flavia Pennetta 0-6, 6-3, 6-0!

Coffee seems to be in the news a lot these, days, doesn’t it? And thanks to new information and research techniques, coffee has all but shaken off its reputation as a potential health risk in our diets. Apparently, the earlier studies didn’t exclude other variables (the real villains), such as smoking, poor dietary habits, sedentary behaviors as well as the products used to flavor it, such as trans-fat-ridden creamers, syrups, and sugars. Only in recent research, when scientists honed in on coffee – just coffee – were the true health benefits of coffee discovered.

Coffee is useful for boosting energy, increasing memory and concentration, helping to maintain blood sugar control, boosting mood, boosting better blood flow, and is a known ergogenic aid. It has also been proven to enhance short-term athletic performance in sprinting, cycling, weightlifting, and distance running! Not only that, but it was discovered that those who drink coffee on a regular basis tend to have lower body weights and live healthier lives, perhaps in part because it’s a unique delivery vehicle of certain antioxidant phytochemicals and beneficial amounts of caffeine, but also because it might displace other types of drinks such as sugary beverages in the diet.

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Most recently, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee reviewed all the latest evidence surrounding coffee as it relates to health and, for the first time in history, gave the recommendation to continue enjoying coffee in a moderate range—three to five cups per day for adults.

Now that doesn’t mean you can drink as much coffee as you want, as there still are some health risks, like poor sleep and insomnia when consumed at night. Coffee is also not a great accompaniment to tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. And make sure and avoid the poor-quality coffees that will require flavor-disguising sugar and creamer, and instead to choose premium or high-quality coffee that is delicious and satisfying.

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I hope you found this article helpful, and if there’s anything else you need, and I mean ANYTHING – please feel free to leave a message below in the comments section, or message me through my Facebook page. I’m always here for you!


I'm Karen Fishman - mom, tennis player, health and wellness coach, motivator, successful entrepreneur, and now blogger, here to provide the tools and motivation necessary to create a community of empowered, healthy people who know they matter.

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