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The Best Cooling Towels And The Rec Tennis Players And Coaches Who Swear By Them


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The Best Cooling Towels And The Rec Tennis Players And Coaches Who Swear By Them

If you’re a tennis player, you probably already know what a “cooling towel” is. And if you live in the South like me, spending your summer on the courts as often as possible, you no doubt have one or two stashed in your tennis bag right now.

On the hottest summer days, cooling towels can help prevent heatstroke, and other heat-related illness. Even pro tennis players and golfers can be seen on TV, casually wrapping one around their neck in an attempt to keep from getting too hot under the collar (in more ways than one, I might add!)

Competitive spirits and soaring temperatures make for an explosive combination, as we just saw Stefanos Tsitsipas lose it in the New York heat at the US Open, dropping a couple of F-bombs on live TV. It probably won’t diffuse the tension, but a good cooling towel can definitely help you chill out :-) And tennis aside… an older teammate of mine swears they help her handle hot flashes too!

That being said, these are our top 10 (no particular order) cooling towels and the reviews from the tennis players and coaches who have purchased them on Amazon:


cooling towel

Frogg Toggs is all about the ability to stay cool no matter how hot and bothered you might get. They’ve designed a range of products that are made from a unique and technically superior evaporative material which is lightweight and soft to the touch, like a chamois cloth. When wet, the Chilly Pad works very quickly and effectively to deliver a burst of much needed cooling hydration. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat on the court, in the gym, or on a long bike ride, you can count on this cooling towel to deliver instant relief. You can even store your Chilly Pad in the fridge so that its ready to grab and go the next time you head to the courts for a gruelling 3-setter in the scorching summer sun. It’s the perfect size to wear over your shoulders and around your neck. It’s machine washable, too, and made to last for years.

This tennis player gave it 5 stars and a great review from a player and coach on Amazon:

“I play tennis every Tuesday and Thursday (average age 62). I purchased Frogg Togg Chilly Pad to see if they really stayed a little cooler and they do. Totally saturate the Chilly Pad with water and lightly squeeze. Put them back in container and put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before planning to use them. Wow, almost takes your breath away. After the first hour of tennis, I soak the Chilly Pad with iced water just to get relief from the Texas heat. The main advantage of the Chilly Pad is how it holds water. I absolutely love the product and bought fifteen more to give to my tennis buddies.”



amalfo cooling towel

The Alfamo Towel comes in 4 sizes (33×11-inch; 40×13-inch; 47×13-inch; and 60×29-inch) and 17 cool colors, so there’s literally a cooling towel for everyone!  This really is the ultimate, multipurpose sports cooling towel; perfect for tennis players, runners, sports fans and even outdoor workers. With its easy-fold design and handy portable carrying case, you can easily take your Alfamo Towel with you on the go. The super absorbent material provides a cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable up to several hours. Those hot summer matches won’t seem hot when you have the Alfamo Towel on hand… or neck… or head… or wherever you decide to wear it!

Check out this glowing 5-star review on Amazon:

“I live in the California desert and I play tennis everyday, in 110-115 degree summer temps! It’s HOT! The “Cooling Towel for Instant Relief” is the one true way to stay cool on the tennis courts. I coach the local high school tennis team and I’ve equipped every player with this amazing cooling towel. Kudos to the brains behind this essential hot weather tool.”



The Chill Pal cooling towel

In one handy size measuring 32×12-inches, the Chill Pal Cooling Towel is thicker than many of the other cooling towels available today. Manufactured from high quality, extra thick PVA, it retains more water needed for cooling, which means that it can deliver longer lasting heat relief. There are no complicated instructions to follow in order to activate your Chill Pal… just soak it in water, lightly wring out the excess moisture, give it a quick “snap” and it’s ready to wear around your neck, or wherever you need cooling. Perfect for those long summer matches in scorching heat!

A 5-star reviewer on Amazon had this to say:

“This towel works exactly as advertised. I always bring this along with me to the tennis court. Wrap it around your neck for a couple minutes and it will really help cool you down.”




yourself cooling towel

For instant cooling relief on the spot and on the go, you can’t beat the Yourself Cooling Towel. It quickly gets to work cooling you down and the effects of the towel when activated can last for hours. All you need to do is soak, wring, snap and repeat to have hours of cooling refreshment for you or even for your pet! The Yourself Cooling Towel comes in 4 sizes too: 32×16-inch; 40×20-inch; 60×30-inch; and 72×32-inch, and lots of cool colors. It’s super soft, and with 4 sizes, it should be small AND large enough to meet all your needs. Use it as a towel, a neck scarf, headband or even bandana style. It’s all certified eco-friendly too, so it’s good for you but great for the environment, so make sure to pack your Yourself Cooling Towel next time you head to the courts, or trails, or for a long weekend hike.

This tennis player left a 5-star review:

“I have used several other cooling towels and knew exactly what I was looking for. These towels did not disappoint. Perfect for the 90 degree weather on the tennis courts.”



chill-its cooling towel

The Chill-Its fabric was originally developed for a line of workwear/gear designed to keep construction workers and others who work outdoors cool when it’s hot. The heat can ruin a match, and even be dangerous to your health, so it’s important to have something on hand that can cool you down quickly and get you back on the court. Made from super absorbent PVA material, the Chill-Its Cooling Towel and is designed to keep you cooler, longer. Fight heat, fatigue and keep yourself very much in the game with this fantastic towel. The cooling last for hours and you can use it for all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports, active pursuits, work situations… basically any time you need to chill out.

Here’s what a tennis-playing 5-star Amazon reviewer had to say:

“Large size and really helps cool me down in tennis between games. Use it when switching sides for a minute and it really helps. Nicer and larger than most others. Holds water well and says cool.”



chill pal ultimate cooling towel

Stay actively cool with this unique mesh towel from Chill Pal. It’s thinner, comfier and more breathable than most of the other brands, which means you can beat the heat even easier! If you love outdoor sports like tennis, golf, running, biking, or hiking, then this is the perfect instant cooling system for you. The soft mesh fabric has superior built in evaporative technology that helps keep the cloth cool. The Chill Pal also features something called “dry-soft” technology which means it feels lighter and drier on your skin, and folds up easier when you’re done using it. Easy to carry, easy to use and easy to maintain for on-going on the spot heat relief.

A tennis player who competes in 106 degree temps gave it 5/5 stars and had this to say on Amazon:

“This was a lifesaver for a recent tennis 2pm playoff match where the forecast was 106 degrees (and even hotter on the courts). Arrived quickly. I have other similar towels which may cost a few dollars less but these are better because they are longer (40 inches instead of 32 inches). This is key because longer towels offer more surface area for cooling. The longer towel is more versatile as it can be tied and worn around your neck during a match if the conditions mandate. Kept mine in a large ziplock with ice + H20 and it was the first thing I grabbed during changeovers. We won!!”




The Mission Enduracool Techknit Towel is the only one personally endorsed by tennis champion and fan favorite, Serena Williams. These were originally engineered for elite athletes so they could keep cool and recover during training or competition, but are suitable for anyone and any activity. Bring the cool with you wherever you go to stay refreshed when the temperatures rise. When activated, the ultra-stretchy breathable fabric cools down to 30 degrees below your average body temperature. Just wet, wring and snap, and the chemical-free towel will instantly begin to cool, and stay cool for up to 2 hours with the ability to reactivate with water. The soft mesh machine washable fabric provides you with years of reliable use.

A tennis player who gave it a 5/5 rating on Amazon said:

“I discovered these towels while on vacation last year and now can’t live without them. Soak them, (shake) them out and you’ve got a cooling towel for when you work out. I use my for tennis and for spin class and I’m always asked about them.”



way 2 cool mesh cooling towel

Measuring in at 38×12-inches, the Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel is the perfect size to pop in your tennis, gym or golf bag to provide on the spot cooling relief when you need it the most. Whether you are in the heat of competition on the court, or spectating from the hot stands, a cooling towel is a genius way to cool you off when the heat is on. The unique mesh design fabric not only offers super flexibility and lightweight versatility, but the Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel also provides that all important UPF 50+ sun protection. Available in all the colors of the rainbow (and then some!) there’s one that’s just right for you.

One Amazon customer gave 5/5 stars, saying:

“Use it while playing tennis. Cools better than a plain wet towel. And doesn’t drip all over you. Love it!”



tophie cooling towel sets

How cool are these sets, am I right? The Tophie Sports Cooling Set is ideal for athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. The cooling towel is a generous 40×12-inches, and made from lightweight breathable fabric which will keep you cool for hours. This set also includes a head cover which can be worn several different ways, however a tennis player who gave it 5/5 stars recommends wearing it as a headband:

“I bought this set for the tennis court. It is super soft and works great. The headband has to be folded several times though to go across your forehead only. I think I will cut it in half and make 2 headbands!”

The Tophie Sports Cooling Set also has a matching wristband set which the company points out, does not replace the regular sports wristbands. You can either wear them under your regular wristbands, or put them on to cool down between sets.

The set is super easy to use, too: simply soak, wring out, and give each piece a good shake. Then put them on so you can cool off!



good life cooling towel

The Your Choice Cooling Towel chills instantly… almost like magic! Simply soaking-wring out and snap it, just a few seconds the chill towel will keep cooling for several hours. To reactivate the chilling, simply repeat the steps. This is the perfect cooling towel for tennis players, runners, cyclists… anyone who works up a sweat! The Your Choice Cooling Towels are made of an eco-friendly, high-density cooling mesh fiber which is super absorbent, breathable and hyper-evaporative. This cooling towel comes in one size (40×12-inches), but in numerous colors and in multi-packs.

An Amazon customer who gave a 5/5 star rating said:

“OMG… This is really an amazing towel, especially for those hot and steamy days. I use this towel as a headband while running and playing tennis (in Florida temps of 85-90+ degrees). It keeps my body cool and comfortable. It’s also very soft (and long enough) to wrap around my head and fit easily and securely. Great Product!”


4.5 USTA rated/open champion level tennis player, vegan, fitness freak, animal lover, and smart ass who firmly believes that champagne is anathema for all ills. Right now I'm either up to my eyeballs in paint swatches and fabric samples, or kicking some butt on a tennis court (hopefully the latter).

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