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Tennis Rules Explained In The Comedic Stylings Of Jon Lovitz

jon lovitz and tennis rules

Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules Explained In The Comedic Stylings Of Jon Lovitz

I was surfing the net this weekend and found these fun videos for #ThrowbackThursday from The Tennis Channel, and I just had to share!

Remember when comedian Jon Lovitz hosted the segment on Tennis Channel called “Court Calls”? He would pop up on our screens in his Tennis Channel chair ump togs, and in 60 humorous seconds, explain a rule that many of us might not have known. Back then, I didn’t even know he played tennis!

Here are some fun clips I found in which he explains several rules, three of which come up pretty often on the courts. Enjoy!

Changing A Line Call

Can you change your “Let it go!” call after your partner lets the ball go? Let’s ask Jon…

USTA Rules: If A Ball Is Missed Then Hit Before A Second Bounce, Does It Count?

The Foot Fault

Can you call a foot fault on your opponent? Jon Lovitz would like to see you try.

A Late Call

You’re opponent waits 30 seconds to make the call … this makes Jon Lovitz very upset.

Obstacles On The Court

Jon Lovitz makes the call – if your opponent leaves their shirt on the net – do you win the point?

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