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Sony Brings Its Cutting Edge Technology To Tennis With The Smart Tennis Sensor



Sony Brings Its Cutting Edge Technology To Tennis With The Smart Tennis Sensor

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars… Smart tennis rackets?


Sony Corporation recently partnered with top tennis manufacturer Wilson, as well as Prince, Head and Yonex, and together they developed the Smart Tennis Sensor, which is available now to take player control to a whole new level!

Your racket, fitted with the Sony’s SSE-TN1W Smart Tennis Sensor will connect with your smart-device to make it easier than ever to track your tennis performance accurately. Analyse, review, share and compare your progress against concrete targets, keeping yourself motivated to continue your way towards your ace play!

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is very simple to set up and doesn’t involve any distracting or uncomfortable equipment, so you can focus on what matters most in that moment – your match. After you have finished playing you can use the data and analysis to improve your technique for the next time. — Marc DiPizzo, Sales and Marketing Europe


sony smart sensor racket buttPhoto courtesy of Wilson Sports

The Smart Tennis Sensor itself is very small (17.6 mm tall and 31.3 mm in diameter) and designed to plug into the bottom of select Wilson, Prince, Head and Yonex rackets. It’s lightweight too, at only 8 grams, so it doesn’t affect your swing or feel any differently than a regular racket.

Key Product Details
  • Sensor fits into butt cap on racket  and is compatible with:
    • Wilson
    • Head
    • Prince
    • Yonex
  • Sensor measures:
    • Number of shots
    • Ball impact spot
    • Swing type
    • Swing speed
    • Ball speed
    • Ball spin
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In other words, it turns your tennis racket into a data-collecting, performance tracking computer.

Sony Smart Sensor

But that’s not all. It then takes that data and analyzes your technique, and provides an in depth recap through real-time shot visualizations, recorded video and detailed shot metrics – all of which are instantly available to view on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. And as you might expect, you can also broadcast your progress to all of your friends via the social network of your choice.

And for you players who are concerned about league rules – NO WORRIES! It’s ITF approved! The access to the Smart Tennis Sensor is permitted during period when coaching is permitted. Even when coaching is not permitted, its usage in memory mode is permitted.

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One thing to note is that Sony’s SSE-TN1W Smart Tennis Sensor only fits onto Wilson, Prince, Head and Yonex rackets that are made for them – not all of them. So, you might need to purchase a new racket as well, but for something as awesome as this, I say it’s worth it!

It’s available for purchase right now through Wilson US/Canada and Wilson International retailers. Here is a very informative video product review, demonstrating the ease of installation and use. I really want one of these! How ’bout you?

From LHFTC: We haven’t yet had an opportunity to test out this new product for ourselves, however we’re certainly intrigued! The information presented above was extracted from a press release from Sony.

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