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Luxilon And Wilson Sporting Goods Introduce LXN Smart Tennis String

Luxilon for Wilson


Luxilon And Wilson Sporting Goods Introduce LXN Smart Tennis String

LXN Smart is the world’s first high-performance tennis string whose characteristics change in real-time based on the force of a player’s swing or shot. LXN Smart quickly identifies a player’s swing speed and then adapts to provide more flex on touch shots and more stiffness on power shots.

The secret to this intuitive string lies in three fibers within its polymer material, which stiffen with high swing speeds for more control and soften with slower swing speeds for more touch and feel. This string plays like a polyester, yet with the comfort of a multifilament.

Luxilon developed its new LXN Smart string in response to the rising trend of players stringing their rackets more loosely. Product experts at Luxilon recommend players string LXN Smart at 40 lbs. (18 kg) +/- 4 lbs. (2 kg) for the best results.

LXN Smart is available in sets ($19.95) and reels ($289.95), in 1.25mm and 1.30mm, and will be available on and at tennis retailers worldwide starting February 15.

Luxilon Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-performance tennis strings and the #1 brand played on WTA and ATP tours. Wilson is the exclusive global distributor of Luxilon products for racquet sports.

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