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Hit Behind Your Opponent And Win More Points

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Hit Behind Your Opponent And Win More Points

Have you just drawn your opponent off of the court with a blistering cross-court shot? Are they struggling like hell to recover? Well then, the seemingly logical choice would be to hit the ball into the open area of the court that you have just created.

But think for a minute. This is where your opponent is trying to recover TO. In most cases, the better option is to wrong-foot your opponent by hitting behind them, into the same area you have just previously sent the ball. They’ll be moving (and facing) the opposite direction and more often than not will be unable to return the ball.

Serve Into The Body And Win More Matches!

And in case you’ve got a slower opponent, don’t, I repeat DON’T try and hit behind them. They may still be there!

One more bit of advice, is don’t over-use this shot, as your opponent will start looking for it, and it will no longer be as effective.

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