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WATCH Who Else Wants To Build A GREAT Serve?

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WATCH Who Else Wants To Build A GREAT Serve?

We can all agree that the serve is pretty much the most important shot in tennis, because it’s the only shot in which you are in complete control. And if you’re thinking, “Great! If I’m in complete control, I might as well get great at this serve, right?”


In this video, I break down the serve into 7 individual steps, and demonstrate how to do each one. With this information, beginners and intermediate players alike can pinpoint and perfect any “weak links”, and make their serve a shot to be proud of!

Enjoy this, and if you’d like more stuff like this, be sure to check out and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I want you to play tennis at a high level for the rest of your life… and have FUN learning it.

Bye for now!


After years of working with tennis professionals, I developed my own program and moved myself up to 5.5. I even played in the USTA 7.0 mixed championships! My goal now is to help everyone find the FUN in tennis fundamentals, and to show them that tennis is a solution to lifelong fitness!

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