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Get The Party Started With These Awesome DIY Tennis Inspired Halloween Costumes!

Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal Halloween costumes

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Get The Party Started With These Awesome DIY Tennis Inspired Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotta let my inner child out at least once a year. So, bring on the costumes, candy, and fun Halloween parties!

Speaking of costumes, I’ve found some really fantastic DIY tennis-themed ones that are perfect for the whole family. There are current and past tennis champions, lots of tennis zombies, vintage tennis players from all eras, kiddie costumes and more!

I prefer the DIY costumes rather than the cheesy store-bought kind. Not to knock stores like Party City, but their costumes are cheaply made even though they’re expensive, and they’re not very creative.

Anyhoo, I hope these inspire you to create your own tennis-themed Halloween costume. And if they do, we’d LOVE to see it! Please share your photo in the comments below and we’ll add it to our post :-)

Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King

This is a great idea for couples that can be pulled off with inexpensive eBay or vintage shop finds including vintage tennis apparel and tennis racquets. Amazon even has some great wigs and glasses for the complete look.

Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King

John McEnroe

You cannot be serious?! Lol! You can find everything you need to pull off the Jonnie Mac look on eBay and Amazon: retro McEnroe wigs, vintage tennis apparel, both wooden and aluminum racquets. I’ve even seen vintage tennis shoes and sunglasses on eBay as well.

Junior Star Gauff Never Lifted Weights But…

Serena Williams and Rafa Nadal

I think these costumes are my faves — especially with the genders swapped. You can wear your own Nike gear and get wigs from Amazon. You can even get fake trophies on Amazon. And I love how Kelly Ripa went all out and added some makeup for a “5 o’clock shadow”.

Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal Halloween costumes

Tennis Zombies

When you combine tennis players and zombies, you get some bloody cool costumes! These look great with basic face makeup and fake blood, or you can go all out with creepy contacts (available in both prescription and non-prescription), 3-D “gore”, and contraptions worn under clothes to secure tennis rackets so that they look like you’ve been impaled.

Maria Sharapova

Okay… so this is the real Maria Sharapova, but if you have long blonde hair or purchase a wig, you can totally pull off her look. Just put on your Nike tennis dress, visor, and shoes, and complete the look by carrying your racket around and yelling “Come on!!!” every 5 minutes while doing a fist pump.

Playing Tennis During a Pandemic: From Social Distancing to the Possibility of Mandatory Vaccination

maria sharapova

Random 70’s and 80’s tennis players

Vintage tennis finds are a-plenty on eBay, and you might even have part of the costume tucked away in your closet or attic!

Vintage tennis player

This look is so classy, and it doesn’t require theatrical makeup. eBay is the perfect place to shop for everything you need – apparel, wooden rackets, hats, white tights, white shoes and even wigs.

And if you sew, check out Decades of Style and Vintage Dancer for some great patterns so you can create your one-of-a-kind costume!

“Mini-Me” tennis players

We can’t forget about the kiddos. Even they can get in on the tennis-themed Halloween action!

And here are two adorable little ladies as Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams… too cute!

Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

Tennis Donald Trump?

OK…so this one isn’t of a real tennis player, but it’s absolutely hilarious! The guy is spot on, LOL!

Between eBay and Amazon, you can get everything you need to pull off this look: wig, clothes, old racquet, knee-high sports socks, and orange face makeup.

tennis trump

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