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Whistle While You Work (Out) With This Disney Playlist On Repeat

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Whistle While You Work (Out) With This Disney Playlist On Repeat

Let’s get down to business… are you humming the Hakuna Matata tune yet? (I am!)

If working out to a Disney-powered workout playlist sounds more magical than a room full of unicorns and rainbows, then get excited: we have nearly two hours of tracks, spanning early classic movies and covers by Disney Channel stars!

Put on your headphones and rock out to everything from A to Z, or “Almost There,” (The Princess And The Frog) to “Zero To Hero,” (Hercules.) You might even forget you’re working out. And if this mix isn’t your speed or style, check out our other workout playlists to find something that suits your taste. Just be sure you have the free Spotify software (desktop) or app (mobile and tablet) so you can hear them :-)

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