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From The Court To The Clubhouse, Denise Cronwall Beautifully Defines Team Tennis Fashion

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From The Court To The Clubhouse, Denise Cronwall Beautifully Defines Team Tennis Fashion

As a team captain, there is nothing worse than getting the team together to decide on a new team uniform.

— I want short sleeves!

— I like dresses!

— I don’t like dresses! I prefer shorts and a tank top.

— Shorts make my legs look funny. I like skirts!

— I don’t care what I wear as long as I have a matching cover up!

Yikes! Trying to please 10-14 women with such varying court-fashion tastes sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? I mean, the chances that at least half the team will be unhappy with the final decision seem pretty high.

Ladies… DON’T settle on a half-happy team! Start your search with Denise Cronwall activewear instead, and have that dreaded task be more like a dream come true – for EVERYONE. The only decision to be made then, will be which of the gorgeous collections to choose!

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Unlike the other designers of tennis apparel, Ms. Cronwall designs her collections with an entire team in mind. Using several coordinating fabrics of different textures and patterns, she designs a complete set of mix and match pieces – tops, tees and tanks – along with dresses, shorts, and skirts – and all have fabulously feminine touches, too, like sheer fabrics, piping, or maybe some ruffles and a little lace. Seriously, each team member could wear an entirely different outfit from the same collection and still look part of the team. And if that’s not enough, she even makes complementing cover ups and work out wear. (I love that!)

Look, peeps… Denise Cronwall activewear is undeniably gorgeous, and will leave your opponents with a raging case of court-fashion envy. Not only that, but you can wear these pieces EVERYWHERE – on the court, on the green, in the clubhouse, in the gym, out to lunch, to the grocery store – and you will ALWAYS be in style! And one of the best things about this apparel is that it’s easy to care for – simply wash in cold water, and tumble dry on low heat.

Introducing The Denise Cronwall 'Spring Marble' Collection

Obviously, you don’t have to be on a team to purchase this beautiful activewear, but Denise Cronwall sure makes it easy, if you are. She even has a 20% — 30% TEAM DISCOUNT, depending on the size of your team. Sweet!

4.5 USTA rated/open champion level tennis player, vegan, fitness freak, animal lover, and smart ass who firmly believes that champagne is anathema for all ills. Right now I'm either up to my eyeballs in paint swatches and fabric samples, or kicking some butt on a tennis court (hopefully the latter).

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