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Building the Best Tennis Player: WTA edition

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Building the Best Tennis Player: WTA edition

Let’s face it; all of us dream of having elite tennis skills and techniques (if you already do, you’re one lucky player). After watching Tennis TV’s episode of ATP Stars Building the Perfect Tennis Player, it is only by nature that I reflected and came up with my own “perfect tennis player.” 

If I had a genie in a bottle, I would wish for three prime skills: 

  • Superb dropshots
  • Powerful groundstrokes 
  • An incomparable mental toughness 

After searching for each of these assets, I came up with my own Frankenstein player. 

Dropshots: Hsieh Su-Wei

Drop shots are one of the toughest shots to master; that being said, a first-class drop shot is extremely hard to incorporate in a match. However, Hsieh Su-Wei gets the job done effortlessly. 

| PHOTO SOURCE: Karim Sahib / AFP

One of the most unconventional tennis techniques come from Hsieh, who flaunts her drop shots regularly. Also called “The Wizard,” Hsieh has a top-quality technique of drop-shotting from the baseline, then responding back with an unreachable lob.

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Groundstrokes:Danielle Collins 


Groundstrokes are the most essential shots in tennis; you simply can’t play a match without them. Danielle Collins is known for stepping in to hit balls early, frequently hitting powerful backhand winners from the baseline. Her forehand returns are impeccable; she often smashes 110 mph serves into the corner. With her powerful groundstrokes, Collins has captured numerous top-10 wins, including a recent 6-3, 6-1 win against Australian Open winner Sofia Kenin. 

Mental Toughness: Coco Gauff

Tennis obviously calls for good physical skills. However, to be a great player, you must maintain a strong mental game. Being 15 years-old and playing against international tennis stars in Grand Slams surely requires an extraordinary amount of mental stability. 


In the second round of the 2019 Wimbledon. Gauff was down match-point in the second set. However, she pushed through, and won that set 7-6. She then won the match by capturing the third set 7-5, clearly conveying her fortitude.   

Who would you include to create your own “perfect tennis player?” Let us know in the comments! 

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