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Kinesiology Tape Is A Must Have In Your Tennis Bag For Injuries

Tennis player wearing KT Tape


Kinesiology Tape Is A Must Have In Your Tennis Bag For Injuries

You’ve seen the pro matches where the players have colorful tape on their knees, legs or shoulders? That’s kinesiology tape – the braceless brace of athletes.

The tape is designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support, eliminating the need for bulky braces and wraps, and allowing you to remain active while you heal. It doesn’t constrict like regular athletic tape and it stays put through sweat and heavy exertion.

ATP Trainer and member of KT Tape’s Medical Advisory Board, Clay Sniteman says

“Of course we recommend that tennis players see their doctor for any injuries, but just like traditional athletic tape and athletic braces, tennis players at all levels can feel confident that they can apply KT Tape to their sore joints and muscles without the need for an athletic trainer.”

If you’ve got a nagging injury, see your doctor first to make sure it isn’t serious, and then give kinesiology tape a try. It comes in a rainbow of colors from which to choose, and you can even mix or match your tape to complement your tennis outfit :-)

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I had knee surgery about 7 years ago, so I use this product pretty regularly. It’s easy to apply, but if I ever need help, these taping tutorials from KT Tape are great, and include the knees, elbows, ankles/feet, shoulders etc…

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