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7 Mini Life Hacks That Instantly Change Your Mood

mini hacks to make you happy

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7 Mini Life Hacks That Instantly Change Your Mood

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There’s nothing wrong with getting in a negative mood from time to time — it happens to everyone. But you can break that bad habit and transform your outlook with some super simple rituals. Whether you have just a minute or an hour to spend, here are fun ideas that will put you in a better frame of mind instantly.

Walk Barefoot in the Grass


Image Source: Shutterstock

Not only does strolling barefoot in the grass give you an opportunity to reconnect with nature and clear your mind, but it’s basically like getting a free acupuncture session on your feet. You’ll feel alert and relaxed.

Take a Quick Nap


Image Source: StockSnap / Miszczuk Sylwia

There’s a reason you should indulge in that afternoon catnap. Snagging just a bit of shut-eye during the day can help boost memory and leave you recharged and ready to learn. A nap after a long morning match? You bet!

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Carry Out a Random Act of Kindness


Image Source: Flickr user Jesslee Cuizon

The best thing about a random act of kindness is just that — it’s completely random. Pick something out of the blue and see the way it affects someone. In the drive thru line waiting to pay for your morning coffee? Treat the person behind you and pick up their tab. Or dole out a hug to a complete stranger.

Get Some Sunshine


Image Source: Flickr user David Michalczuk

There’s nothing quite like getting your daily dose of vitamin D in the afternoon to lift the mood and clear the mind. Aim for 10-15 minutes — that’s about all you need to feel the mood-boosting effects of sunshine. Tennis is a great way to get your D.

Smell a Coconut


Image Source: Shutterstock

Coconut doesn’t just taste decadent, it’s also believed to do a whole host of beneficial things to your body, like lower blood pressure and decrease feelings of anxiety. This is a great reason to always keep coconut oil on hand!

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Rub Your Earlobe


Image Source: Shutterstock

Lightly massaging your ear for just a minute a day has been known to stimulate energy pressure points and reduce stress. Start by gently squeezing your earlobe, then work your way up. A little rub works wonders on pre-match jitters.

Make a Gratitude Jar



Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Rebecca Brown

Stick a jar on your desk and vow to write down one thing each day that brings a smile to your face. At the end of the year (or if you can’t wait that long, the end of each month), go through the gratitude jar and read everything that’s inside. You’ll feel an instant rush of appreciation and happiness.


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