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5 At Home Exercises To Keep You Ready For The Tennis Court


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5 At Home Exercises To Keep You Ready For The Tennis Court

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Whether you’re a beginner at tennis or a seasoned pro, there’s more to the sport than simply focusing on your racket technique. Being well-equipped on the court means preparing your mind and body for the strenuous workout it may receive. As with any sport, the time you dedicate off the court is just as important. Get ready to improve your skills by using these 5 at home exercises to keep you ready for the tennis court.


Burpees are excellent for working your cardiovascular system. Whether you wish to use them as part of your warm-up or to keep you fit in-between your tennis court visits, burpees work your legs, chest, arms, and shoulders.

Burpees are a combination of press-ups and squats, that deliver many benefits. In addition to enhancing your physical fitness, you’ll also build strength, especially in your arms and legs. If you want to go above and beyond with this exercise try completing a couple of burpees daily, (just make sure you have enough space in the room.)



To complete a burpee, simply crouch on the floor with your hands in front of you. Place your hands on the floor and jump backwards, pushing your body down so you’re in a push-up position. Complete a push-up, and keeping your arms on the floor, hop forward returning your feet to a squatting position, and with your feet under you, jump up as high as you can, both arms reaching upwards.

This explosive workout might be challenging at first, but you’ll quickly find that the results you get will definitely take your physicality to the next level.

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Use a medicine ball

Research has shown that medicine ball exercises are great for improving upper body strength. You won’t need to worry about your arms getting heavy on the court with this piece of equipment.

So, what’s the best medicine ball exercise to do? The overhead slam is the perfect at home exercise to prepare you for tennis. It’s also super easy to learn!



In a standing position, hold a medicine ball with two hands, bringing it over your head. Keep your body tight. Then, slam the ball down to the ground in front of you, catching it as it bounces. Complete this routine several times.

Standing dumbell twist

Doing exercises which twist your body are ideal for enhancing the movement of your upper body, giving you the strength to perform some serious power serves. Standing dumbbell twists can easily be completed in almost any room of your house, making it easy to work into your at-home workout routine.



To do a standing dumbbell twist, start in a standing position, holding a dumbbell with both your hands, draw your abdominal muscles in, raise your arms out in front of you and slowly swing the dumbbell to the right, slightly twisting your hips and stomach to the left. Slowly bring the dumbbell back out in front of you and switch sides.

(If you don’t have any dumbbells, you can always use something with a little more weight such as a gallon of water or a can of food)

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Single leg squats

If you want to have a strong first step movement coming out of your split step, the single leg squat is the ultimate exercise for lower body control. You’ll build up your leg strength, and prime small muscles that will help you to avoid the risk of injury.



Single leg squats require you to complete traditional leg squats, except you’re balancing on one leg. Once you’re in a squatting position, aim to stretch your other leg outwards, holding onto your foot.

Squats ensure your legs stay strong, helping you with running on the court. Healthy legs are more likely to run faster, so if you want to sprint across the court quicker, this is the exercise you need to be doing.

Tricep push-ups

If you want to build up your upper body strength, give this a try at home. A tricep push-up is similar to a regular push-up, except your hands are closer (shoulder width apart). Your push-ups will be closer to the floor than a traditional push-up, and your elbows need to be close to your body at all times. If you don’t feel strong enough to begin with, you can practise on a wall in standing position.

tricep pushup


Push-ups are highly beneficial for improving your back and arm strength, especially if you do them every day. If you’re hoping to build muscle, try drinking a protein shake either before or after your at home workout, to help give your tired muscles a boost in recovery.


There are many ways to improve your tennis game. By following these 5 at-home exercises even once a week, and you will both see and feel the difference in your ability on and off the court.

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