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10 Fabulous Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Tennis Players

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Tennis Gift Ideas

10 Fabulous Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Tennis Players

The holiday season is right around the corner, and many times, we find ourselves struggling for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. So we put on our thinking caps and came up with 10 great ideas for the tennis lovers and tennis captains in your life.

Note: All of these items can be found on Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping is always free!

1. Wristpect Sport Wristbands

I love tennis fashion almost as much as I love playing the game. What I wear on the court reflects my own personal style, and these days, there is SO much from which to choose – cute dresses and two-piece outfits, colorful shorties (that must be seen), shoes that come in every color in the rainbow, and now, thanks to Wristpect Sport, colorful and whimsical wristbands that match my soul.

Each comfortable band is made with two different materials which work together to keep you sweat-free: thick and absorbent terry cloth, and their trademarked Sweat-Ban™ fabric outer covering which is designed to allow the moisture to seep through to the terry cloth and then dry quickly, so you aren’t constantly wiping your face with a wet washcloth. I really love that!

2. Tennis Butts

tennis butts

Before starting a league tennis match, the home team players spin to see who serves. Rather than calling “W or M” (for those with Wilson rackets), or “P or D” (for those who have Prince rackets,) etc., I now call “martinis or margaritas!”

These cute stickers from Tennis Butts are simple to put on – just peel and stick to the butt of your racket; they stick really well too. These come in single packs of 2 stickers, as well as in a group of 6 packs for a total of 12 stickers – perfect for the whole team!

Introducing The Wilson Triniti Tennis Ball: A Better Ball For The Planet

3. Book: “It’s A Ball”, by J. Morgan McGrady


“It’s a Ball” is a hilarious tale about a group of middle-aged women who form a competitive tennis team with the goal of taking down the snooty team from the local country club. The main character is a funny, smart-mouthed tennis fanatic that wants to have a team she can have fun with, a bunch of real women, unlike the fake, middle-aged mean girls that make up their rival team. The new team bonds over the crazy hijinks they get themselves into, and combined with the author’s colorful dialogue, the group really comes alive. Eventually, the women’s drive to dethrone the reigning Queen’s of the Court gets more intense, thanks to an ill-advised bet and the group’s questionable ideas to raise money, which adds drama to the story. Still, the best part of the story is just waiting to read what crazy things the characters will say or do next.

4. Tennis Keyring w/ Gift Box

tennis key chain

Amazon has numerous keyrings to choose from, but I really liked this one because it’s cute and not too large, and it comes with its own gift box. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for every tennis lover in your life! It’s a great gift-giving idea for a tennis captain, too!

5. Tennis Wine Charms

tennis wine charms

This is a great gift idea for the tennis player who likes to entertain. These cute wine charms are perfect for keeping track of guests glasses during parties and get-togethers. They open easily and fit neatly around average wine stem. What’s more, they can be used on margarita and champagne glasses as well. These clever tennis-y wine charms are sure to be the talk of every party!

Tennis Trunk Is Tennis Awesomeness Delivered Monthy, Right To Your Door

6. Racket Expressions Vibration Dampeners

tennis dampeners

You’ll make the holidays jolly for the tennis players in your life with these cute Santa Claus Christmas vibration dampeners (2-pack) by Racket Expressions. Racket Expressions has 37 fun designs to choose from on Amazon, and there will be at least one (but probably more) that will suit your mood on the courts. They are made from high-quality, soft PVC which absorbs a ton of racket vibration and stays in place.

7. Gamma Overgrip

gamma overgrip

Tennis players can never have enough overgrip, and this pack of animal print overgrip from Gamma is just as pretty as it is useful. I really like these because they’re girly like me, and the colors (believe it or not) go with my outfits, but Amazon has TONS of different colors/patterns and textures to choose from.

8. Tennis Towel

tennis towel

Love, love LOVE this tennis towel! And Logo Pride has many more on Amazon in different colors and with different tennis-y sayings. Roll it up and tie a bow around it and slip it into your tennis player’s stocking. Great as a birthday and captain’s gift, as well.

9. Tennis-y Socks

Who wants to wear plain old white tennis socks, when they can wear something that shows their love for the sport? These Cortese “Tennis” socks are made right here in America, with padded soles, woven mesh uppers, and smooth toe-closure for comfort.

10. Fun Can Coolers

Tennis Bum koozies
These awesome “Tennis Bum” can coolers come in packs of 6 (for only $8.99!!) so you not only can give it to your favorite player, but you can break up the set and fill them with sweet treats or packets of artisan hot chocolate and give them to your teammates.

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